About Myself



Hello, thanks for your time, My name is Ray Song, grew up in northeast part of China, my city used to be ruled by Russian, so the erotic elements full filled my memory. When I was a kid, One of my entertainment is drawing them for days, and that effects me until now.

Thanks for my parents, I was learning drawing since 4 years old, I can barely walk, but I already start to draw.

After I went to university,my major was Stage Design in Century Academy of Drama in China, then I learned animation and Visual Effects in America.

Right now I was working as production designer, visual effects artist, and storyboard artist,

my goal of this industry is to be a visual effects supervisor.

I always believe that art, no matter in what form, is all depends on who you are and your experience. After all these years training and learning, the feeling of motion picture is a part of my instinct, I can do better than anyone, although there is always something new in the world, but instinct is the driven of myself to do what I have to do.